The CLG Stocks Affiliate program presents you with the opportunity to earn by referral of clients to us.

You may be a respectable online marketer, have various personal networks or have an elevated traffic website, in any case we can work with you to cultivate a program and remuneration scheme to enhance your assets. A personal account manager will be provided to you that will assist you in finding the best affiliate solution

Advantages of being a CLG Stocks affiliate:

With our assistance and direction along with our immense knowledge and top-notch trading solutions, you will be given the opportunity to benefit greatly from one of the largest markets in the world. Foreign exchange currency trading is a vast international industry with a day-to-day revenue of three trillion dollars.

Benefits of CLG Stocks affiliate program:

  • Limitless profit potential
  • Entirely free to join
  • Effortless to promote our product on your website
  • While your clients trade, you earn
  • Minimum paper work
  • Acquaint clients to us through your own marketing strategies or contacts
  • Amplify your profit without accumulating costs
  • Utilize our vast assortment of banners
  • Monthly performance reports
  • Designated partnership manager

However, for CLG Stocks Markets, compliance with the regulations goes without saying, therefore it is really important for us that our co-operators / Affiliates share the same view and follow these regulations as well

For more details regarding our program, or to enrol, please contact us via email [email protected] or through our website